Dr. Andrey Popov

Windows Script Host for Windows 2000/XP Windows Script Host for Windows 2000/XP A.V.Popov. Windows Script Host for Windows 2000/XP. - S.-Pb.: BHV-Petersburg, 2003. - 640 pp. (ISBN 5-94157-197-6) (in Russian)
Abstract. In the book the Windows Script Host (WSH) version 5.6 is described (WSH 5.6 is one of Windows XP standard components and also it can be installed in previous versions of Windows). There are scripts on VBScript and JScript languages which illustrate the using of WSH 5.6 standard objects including such new features as creating child processes from scripts and launching scripts at remote computers. As more complicated examples, some scripts which deal with databases, manage Microsoft Office applications and realize a GUI are presented. Also there are scripts that use ADSI (Active Directory Service Interface) and WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) technologies to solve practical administrative tasks. Operations with XML files and constructing COM objects via script languages are separately discussed. Special attention is paided to security settings for scripts, specific group policy settings are presented.
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