Andrey Popov

Managing Windows by WMI and WMIC Managing Windows by WMI and WMIC A.V.Popov, E.A.Shikin. Managing Windows by WMI and WMIC. - S.-Pb.: BHV-Petersburg, 2004. - 752 pp. (ISBN 5-94157-349-9) (in Russian)
Abstract. In the book we consider from theoretical and practical points of view the basis Microsoft technology Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) used for managining of Windows-based systems. The standard administrative WMI tools are described. Many completed scripts that allow to manage file system, event logs, system registry, processes and services at remote computers, to perfom inventory of hardware and software on workstations, to automatically handle events arising in operating system are presented. Accessing WMI from console (WMI Command-line, WMIC) and possible ways of standard WMIC schema extending are considered.
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